Maxine Blake



Spiller of trade secrets.

About Maxine

Maxine Blake is of Jamaican descent and was born and raised in Wolverhampton in the UK. She dedicated 37 years of her life to teaching and held management positions within educational institutions across the country before retiring in 2020. She holds a Master of Education degree.

In her retirement, Maxine remains active both nationally and internationally within education. She also maintains her passion for singing with the Sheffield Community Choir and continues to diligently hone her piano skills.

Books By Maxine

Teacher Bloopers and Potty Mouth Stories

Brace yourself for a whirlwind tour through the wacky world of education.

“Teacher Bloopers and Potty Mouth Stories” is the perfect read for anyone who appreciates the humour in life’s unexpected moments.

With her trademark wit and candour, Maxine Blake offers a refreshingly honest and amusing take on the rollercoaster ride that is life in the classroom. She has an uncanny ability to turn even the most awkward classroom moments into hilarious anecdotes.

Don't Poo In The Pudding Bowl

They never taught me how to handle this during teacher training at university. I work in a world with hormonal teenagers, inappropriate proposals, the full spectrum of bodily odours and the odd indecent exposure.

Ever wondered what life is like as a teacher? Or what happens on school or college trips? Perhaps you’ve speculated on what your teacher really thought about the students.

Don’t Poo in the Pudding Bowl answers these questions and more! Including 34 real-life stories about teaching teens in, this book reveals exactly what happens behind those school doors.